About the Foundation

This job of keeping our children safe, and teaching them well, is something we can only do together, with the help of friends and neighbors, the help of a community, and the help of a nation. — President Barack Obama, December 16, 2012

The Foundation for School Safety and Security is comprised of veteran law enforcement officers who have dedicated their careers to the safety and security of schools utilizing crime prevention through environments design methods. They are at the forefront of school safety and are nationally certified trainers and lecturers. Our professionals understand that no one solution can be universally applied. Each school district and school building receives specific customized recommendations. All of our team members are handpicked and each have in excess of 20 years law enforcement and/or school based education experience. Our team is comprised of law enforcement and educational experts which provides the perfect balance for school based crisis intervention and threat identification and crime prevention. These team members are currently active in the school and community safety environments and have a uniquely tuned set of skills and abilities that you will not find elsewhere. We have forged relationships with various school districts and law enforcement agencies of varying sizes from local to state to campus public safety agencies. Our team members have designed, implemented and managed from the ground up a complete public safety agency for a state college. This included the hiring, training, certification and ongoing management and supervision of the entire public safety department. We are available for a consultation and can provide customizable solutions for any organization or situations. The following is a list of some of the services we can provide for your agency. This list is comprised of many of the regular requests we receive. Additionally services are available based on a custom analysis of your agency.

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  • Safety strategies for colleges, universities and preK-12 schools
  • Security risk assessments and recommendations
  • Emergency/crisis planning and training
  • Communications and Social Media strategies designed for schools
  • Crisis preparedness and communications
  • Security and emergency preparedness, response training
  • Response options for active shooter situations for students, staff and faculty