Guardian Training

Training/Integration of the SDS system

The Foundation will outline and instruct your staff on integrating the SDS system into the current security measures utilized in the school district and specific to the individual buildings. This review will look at all current emergency plans and physical security measures that are deployed and make recommendations based on best practices.

Training Outline

  • Customized on-site training
  • Classroom hours
  • Monthly support available
  • All manual and course materials included in cost
  • Individualized coaching from expert staff
  • Support resources

Training Resources

active shooter gunshot detection system

Training Overview

Product Overview


  • Sends an alert within a second of a gunshot detection
  • Near zero false alerts
  • Immediately alerts building and emergency personnel
  • Easily integrated into any camera/security network
  • 25M coverage area per sensor
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Built-in test provides continuous feedback loop
  • Simulation and training modes
  • Anti-tamper features

Guardian Indoor Gunshot Detection system incorporates the world’s finest acoustic gunshot detection software and combines it with infrared camera gunfire flash detection to produce the most capable indoor gunshot detection system available today. The system’s dual modality provides the highest rate of detection while bringing the number of potential false alerts to almost zero.

Over $20 million dollars of research and development has been invested by the US Government and the defense contractor to mature this capability. Guardian incorporates all of the technical lessons learned from real world outdoor use in multiple war fronts and has combined that knowledge with thousands of rounds of live fire testing in buildings and schools. Guardian is ready to protect your location today.


Alert within a second of a gunshot detection

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Guardian Indoor Gunshot Detection Sensor

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